Yesterday was not a good day.  After producing six cards I placed them on the sideboard so I could reward myself by making a banana smoothie.  Just as I was about to pour it out of the blender into the glass I knocked the whole thing over .....and you can guess where it went!!  Yes, all over my cards!!!

Then I spent the next 30 mins cleaning up sticky banana milk from the bench, cupboards and floor and then sadly throwing all six cards in the bin.

If that wasn't enough, I had been waiting for my BBB (big brown box) full of goodies from Stampin' Up!  Aussie Post tracking indicated that it was coming yesterday and I was waiting patiently (well sort of lol) all day for the tracking to update and tell me that it was ready and waiting at the local Post Office.  It didn't update all day!!!  So at 4pm yesterday I went down to the Post Office, only to find that my parcel had not been scanned but had been sitting there all day waiting for me to pick it up.

Why am I telling you all of this?  We all have terrible days, stuff happens.  I just wanted my parcel to arrive to sort of, make my day a bit better :)  Little did I realise that there was something else in the mail that was way better than a BBB.

I got the cutest card from my downline Kerry.  I tell you what, I sat in the car with a few tears while reading the lovely words she wrote......Kerry you have no idea how much that card hit the spot after my day!!  Thank you so much xx

Here is my lovely card, isn't it beautiful?  

I hope you are having a good day today, if not, always remember good things can happen on bad days.

Thanks so much for stopping by,